My name is Jumaane Williams join me on my journey into the world of Bitcoin.  I was originally introduced to Bitcoin be  a co-worker who mined from home.  Follow me on my journey as I go through the good the bad and the ugly side of the Bitcoin world.  Or shall I say Alt-Coin as you have LiteCoin, DogeCoin and others.

The reason we went with All about that bitcoin is because at the time the world was fascinated with Bitcoin and had yet to look under the hood and see it’s true power and potential . . . it’s foundation . . . the Blockchain

Personally I am passionate about and excited to see where Decentralized Autonomous Organizations, dApps, Artifical Intelligence, Machine Learning, Internet of Things and Augmented Reality are headed, but . . .

Our Goal here is to educate those interested in learning about Bitcoin other cryptocurrencies or altcoins, ICOs, Blockchain and various other topics in the Crypto sphere. You will learn how to earn, spend, accept Bitcoin as a merchant for products and/or services. What is Mining and the difference between Mining, Script Mining and Cloud Mining . . . and more

It Began with Bitcoin