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Be Brave when browsing

Brave is a free and open source web browser with built-in ad blocking and data privacy technology and did I mention that it’s built on the blockchain. (Why else would I be talking about it). The browser utilizes a token called BAT (Basic Attention Token) that’s based on the ERC-20 Ethereum network. Founded by the inventor of Javascript and co-founder of Mozilla, Brave is also open-source. If you would like to contribute you can find the open source project on Github here.

The Brave browser is what DuckDuckGo is to Search Engines but for Web Browsers

Officially launched on November 13, 2019, the Brave browser is for the individual that doesn’t have the time to or doesn’t know how to add extensions and script blockers to their web browser. It’s available for Windows, macOS, Linux, Android and iOS. Brave blocks ads and trackers by default so you browse faster and safer. This helps to reduce your chances of being infected by malware, ransomware and spyware.

Brave Shields for automatic ad and tracker blocking – Brave Shields, on by default and customizable from the address bar, block invasive third-party ads, trackers, and autoplay videos immediately – without needing to install any additional programs. Users can now confidently browse the web knowing that their interests and reading habits are not being tracked. Because Brave Shields removes the friction of unwanted content, Brave loads websites up to 3 to 6 times faster than other browsers and introduces significant memory and battery savings on desktop and mobile.

Most web browsers have a private mode but Brave is the only browser that I’ve seen thus far that has “New Private Window with Tor” as an option within the browser. Not certain if I can actually visit a .onion site with it but that would be awesome.

Brave Rewards helps you earn more for doing what you do best and get back some of that revenue lost for when your viewers use ad blocking. Get paid directly by your audience for your content, instead of relying on ad revenue.

In addition to it’s data-privacy and security Brave has some additional features geared toward the content creator via their Brave Rewards program. If you own a website, YouTube, Twitter or Twitch account you can become a verified publisher or join their referral program.

When users opt into Brave Rewards, Brave Ads is enabled by default. Ad matching happens directly on the user’s device, so their data is never sent to anyone, and they see rewarding ads without web-wide mass surveillance. To date, Brave Ads has delivered nearly 475 privacy-preserving ad campaigns, sparking 130 million ad confirmation events, from brands such as Intel, Pizza Hut, Home Chef, and more. Users can transfer earned BAT out of their Brave Rewards wallet and convert the tokens to many digital assets and fiat currencies, after completing a verification process with digital money platform Uphold. More significantly, they can contribute to a better Web by keeping the BAT in their browser to automatically support online creators via Brave Rewards.

In order to earn BAT from Brave Rewards you must become a verified publisher/content creator. Becoming a verified publisher is simple if you can demonstrate to them that you own/control your own domain (e.g. boutthatbitcoin.com), YouTube channel, Twitch channel or Twitter channel. They use a challenge-response protocol for this purpose. You can sign up as an unverified publisher but won’t be able to claim any funds until you become verified.

We will need a crypto wallet in order to hold our BAT. We will need to create an UPHOLD account to receive earnings and collect and/or convert your BAT contributions. Payments are paid out by the 8th of every month. Contributions are processed/sent to the publisher’s UPHOLD account via your choice of currency. First we need to Add our channel so that we can get it verified.

  • Click Add Channel
  • Select Website, YouTube, Twitter or Twitch Channel
  • Then Sign up for an UPHOLD account by clicking the blue “Connect to Uphold” button to the left of your screen.

Brave Rewards to fund the open web – Users can support their favorite publishers and content creators by activating Brave Rewards and its integrated Brave wallet on both desktop and mobile. This feature allows users to send BAT as tips for great content, either directly as they browse or by defaulting to recurring monthly payments to continuously support the over 300,000 verified websites, including The Washington Post, The Guardian, and Wikipedia, or creators on YouTube, Twitch, Twitter, GitHub and more.

Of course there is a referral program, what company doesn’t have one nowadays. It’s called the Creator Referral Program and between now and December 31, 2019 Creators can earn $5 in BAT for “qualified” referrals that download Brave using your referral/invite code. A referral becomes qualified when the individual you referred has used the Brave browser for at least 30 days since downloading and installing the browser.

  1. Sign up to become a Content Creator, verify your channel to receive a unique referral code.
  2. Share your code on your social channels and in your content.
  3. Referral code payout status will be displayed in your creator dashboard

As a content creator there are media assets that you can download to help show your support for the Brave Browser including fonts, logos, templated social media graphics and a Brave badge to add to your website.

There are also a few Do’s and Don’ts when it comes to being a Content Creator on the Brave Platform.


  • Use Brave and accept your grants
  • Auto-contribute to the sites you visit in Brave
  • Tip the (other) creators you visit and enjoy
  • Create great content that people enjoy


  • DO NOT Create dummy sites or channels without real content, just to collect contributions from Brave users
  • DO NOT Install multiple copies of Brave to claim multiple grants
  • DO NOT Use any mechanism (including bots) that results in a Brave browser contributing to your site automatically

Brave recently announced a new grant of 8M BAT to iOS and Android users worldwide. This BAT will be distributed to Brave users who contribute back to your sites and channels. The BAT that is used for grants comes from Brave’s User Growth Pool (UGP).

If your looking for a browser that will protect your privacy as well as block those pesky trackers, spyware and malware then the Brave Browser is the way to go. If you are already utilizing platforms like Medium, Publish0x, Steemit and Patreon then as a content creator Brave should definitely be on that list.